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Master Key Systems

Master Key Systems offer control of movement of people within a building or a group of buildings; it effectively...

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Master Locksmith

Master Key Systems

Pride in Protection

Master Keyed Systems

Master Key Systems offer control of movement of people within a building or a group of buildings; it effectively gives access to agreed areas for certain people and denies them access to others. Whereas the Master Key holder has access to all areas. A popular example of this would be a hotel, all visitors would have a single key to give them access to the main front door and their individual rooms but no one else’s room, and the cleaning staff would have a Master Key that opens all the rooms, meaning they only carry one key and not a large bundle, reducing the risk of lost or misplaced keys etc.


A Simple Master Key System 

This could be used in a small block of flats for instance with a communal front door and 4 individual apartments, the residents would need a key that worked the communal door and their individual apartment, but no one else’s apartment, whereas the Landlord or Managing Agent would have a Master Key, giving access to all properties.


Grand Master Keyed System 

This could be used in a situation where a large building is split into 2 and each area is managed by a different Management Agency, each with a separate entrance to the building, therefore each Management Company would have their own Master Key giving access to all areas. Companies renting office space will have access to the Main Door and their office suite only, but the building owner or Security Company would have the Grand Master Key giving access to both buildings and all areas within them.

Master Key Systems can be used for a wide variety of applications; we recently supplied and fitted for a residential customer, a system that allowed his cleaner only access to certain areas within his house via the front door, whereas his Master Key gave him access to all rooms. So Master Key Systems can be used in residential properties as well as hotels and office complexes that you would usually associate them with.

If you have any questions relating to Master Keyed Systems please call us to discuss further, Atlas Locksmiths has a network of qualified Locksmiths across Sydney and would be happy to arrange site visits to your property to advise and quote on a system to suit your requirements.

For expert advice call the team at Atlas Locksmiths on 1300 655 728 or email us.


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